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Color: Sew An Infinity Scarf

Do you have an old pashmina that you don’t wear? Tired of the little hanging strings? Why not repurpose it and create an infinity scarf?

All you need is a pashmina scarf, sewing machine, pins, needles and thread. In just a few hours, you can create a trendy infinity scarf.


I just happened to have an emerald green one that I wanted to change up. Perfect timing – emerald green is the Pantone color of the year for 2013 and St. Patricks’s Day is just around the corner. No pinching please.

Step 1:

  • Fold pashmina in half, lengthwise
  • Pin along the entire outside edge

Step 2:

  • Stitch along the edge where you pinned. Stitch the entire length of the scarf.  Just for fun, I used a zig zag stitch and contrasting thread color
  • Repeat and stitch the other side that has the fold.  These seams will show, so make them as straight and nice as possible
  • Press both seams flat

Step 3:

  • Fold the scarf in the other direction. The tie ends will be placed on top of each other. There will be 4 layers. Lift the top layer and pin together layers 2-3.  The top and bottom layer are NOT pinned. Hold the pinned layers together and place into your sewing machine.  Sew along this edge like you are sewing a cylinder. Slow down when you are near the beginning and leave an opening
  • Take out from under machine. GENTLY pull the enclosed scarf through the opening. The tie ends will now be enclosed inside the scarf
  • Press the seam
  • Topstitch the opening closed

Alright, that’s it.. Hope you enjoyed this blog post and will try to make an infinity scarf for yourself.. Let me know if you have any questions. Also, this week I’m trying something new and linking this project to the following parties

Have fun and happy sewing!


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