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DIY & Crafts: Trendy Chic DIY Topiary Trees

Caring for houseplants can be a tricky job! I do not have a green thumb by any means, plus finding the right balance of water and sunlight isn’t always easy. Therefore, I decided to skip the daily watering and trimming of plants by making my own classic topiary trees using just a few unexpected supplies from Dollar Tree!

No maintenance required with this timeless look, these trees are the perfect way to add a pop of greenery and height to my fireplace mantle and even my console tables. Want to know by secret trick to making these? Believe it or not, I used a plunger as my form! I secured a plunger to the bottom of a planter and added rocks, moss, and faux greenery to cover the bottom. Then, I inserted a syrofoam ball into the end of the plunger handle and covered it with faux moss. Unbelievably life like, these sleek topiaries are a great way to add plant-life without the work! May they live a long and prosperous life…unlike my real plants!


Pick Up a Few Supplies:

  • Planters
  • Plungers
  • Rocks
  • Foam Spheres
  • Moss
  • Greenery
  • Hot Glue Gun (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue Sticks

Let’s Get Planting!

  1. Use a knife to cut out a small hole in the foam sphere for the end of the plunger. Add hot glue to the end of the plunger and insert it into the foam sphere. Hold in place for 2 minutes, until set.
  2. Use hot glue and the weight of rocks to anchor the plunger to the bottom of your planter.
  3. Cover the plunger base with additional rocks, moss, and greenery.
  4. Cover the foam sphere with moss, applying with hot glue.
  5. Make 2-3 topiaries to group together to make a statement on a fireplace mantle!

Looking for a fun summertime twist on your planters? Flamin-GO and make these DIY Succulent Planters!


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