diy projects: Mother’s Day Gift Basket DIY

Mother's Day Gift Basket DIY - roomfortuesday.comDid anyone else out there forget Mother’s Day this year (whoops)? Yesterday I realized it was this weekend, had an “oh sh**” moment, and ran to my nearest World Market (this is NOT sponsored, BTW) to solve the problem and come up with something nice for my mom & MIL. If you’re in the same boat, check out my easy (and charming) gift basket DIY. It’s easy to customize based on the mom(s) in your life and would work great for other holidays or momentous occasions as well- bridal showers, birthdays, etc. The best part? It can be ready in an instant, if you’re behind like me.

Mother's Day Gift Basket DIY -


Sometimes it takes thinking outside the box to come up with a unique and thoughtful gift.

I wasn’t finding any cute gift baskets- or regular baskets, for that matter, so I decided to take things into my own hands and improvise. I noticed some cute outdoor candle holders that had a fun shape, were the right size, and had a gorgeous texture. I grabbed a couple of those to solve the “basket” issue, and here we are.

Mother's Day Gift Basket DIY - roomfortuesday.comOnce I got home, I found leftover ribbon in my prop closet, and decided to weave it around the basket as an added touch- but back to World Market. After grabbing the basket, next was the fun part… filling it up with goodies the moms in my life would love. Luckily, World Market is kind of the perfect place for miniature & giftable things. I opted for items like indulgent snacks (cheese, chocolate, etc) and luxury bath products (bath oil, soap, hand cream, etc). This is what I ended up using for the basket I photographed:

01: sourdough flatbread // 02: hand cream & soap bar set // 03: brie wheel // 04: fresh cotton soy candle // 05: striped kitchen towels // 06: rattan hurricane candleholder // 07: french lavender bath oil // 08: dark chocolate with sea salt

Mother's Day Gift Basket DIY - roomfortuesday.comMy mom and I love lavender scented things and we both enjoy relaxing in the bath, so I figured this French lavender bath oil would be perfect! Much like myself (or maybe I’m much like her?), she’s also a candle person. We both don’t really like food-related or sweet candle scents, but are very into florals and clean / crisp aromas. This fresh cotton candle was on sale and I loved the clean & simple packaging.

Mother's Day Gift Basket DIY - roomfortuesday.comOnce I gathered enough items to fill the basket, I stuffed some white tissue paper into the bottom of the basket and around the edges before filling it with the little gifts.

Mother's Day Gift Basket DIY - roomfortuesday.comIt really turned into a thoughtful and gorgeous gift basket that is personalized and affordable. The entire thing cost me under $50 to make and assemble.

Mother's Day Gift Basket DIY - roomfortuesday.comHopefully my mom will love this sweet little gift that I totally improvised on! For those of you in a similar (running behind) situation, maybe this was helpful? I hope so. You still have three days to make it happen! Didn’t it turn out cute? Now I need to rush to the post office. Haha!


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