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Celebrations: Nothing Says Halloween Like Candy!

Dollarista here and I am so excited because one of my favorite holidays is coming up… Halloween, of course! It’s the one time a year that I get to dress up as whatever I want to be. My family and I start planning our costumes months in advance, especially if we are trying to coordinate.


Besides dressing up, one of the best parts about Halloween is all of the candy! Now I may be too old for trick-or-treating, but my kids aren’t. This means that once they fall asleep, I get to rummage through their candy bags and take what I like… JUST KIDDING (kind of)! Instead, I stay home and pass out candy while my husband goes tick-or-treating with the kids. We have a ton of kids that stop by our house on Halloween, so every year I load up on candy. Where do I get all of my candy you might ask… my local Dollar Tree! They have a wide variety of candy from hard candy and lollipops to chewy candy and chocolate and so much more, all for just $1 each! Check out some of my favorite candy finds below!

Spooktacular Treats Await!

If you’re looking for an alternative to chocolate candy, try passing out these hauntingly good fruity candies. These hard and gummy candies come assorted among various Halloween characters and objects such as eyeballs, vampire teeth, and even skulls. Plus, since they contain individual bags of candy, they are perfect for passing out to trick-or-treaters.

These fun tubes of candy corn are absolutely adorable. They even come with pumpkin toppers! Before trick-or-treating begins, I usually give my kiddos a sweet treat ahead of time, so these will be perfect!

If you know me you know, I always decorate our house to match the season or holiday. I tend to go all out with the decorations (inside and out). I make a new wreath for the occasion, and I even leave sweet treats laying out around the house and mellocream pumpkins and candy corn will be perfect to put in my candy bowls for my guests to enjoy.

So, be the best trick-or-treat stop on the block with Dollar Tree’s sweet selection of $1 Halloween candy favorites, from brand-name chocolate bars to gummies, lollipops, candy corn, and more!


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