interiors & styling: My Favorite Green Paint Colors

As everyone is gearing up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, I thought I’d put together a different type of post revolving around “green”. You guys already know green is my favorite color and I love sprinkling bits of it throughout my home! Lucky for us, green paint is continuing to gain popularity and I don’t see it becoming dated anytime soon. If you’ve been on the fence to paint a room, a wall, or a piece of furniture green- now is the perfect time! Click through for my all-time favorite green paint colors…

As you know, pretty much all of the paint in our house comes from Sherwin-Williams. I have the entire swatch library and fan book system that I often use for interior client presentations, so all of the paint colors within this post are vetted by yours truly. I looked at each and every swatch included in the roundup under natural light, as well as in low light, and they’re all really good greens… my “go-to” greens, if you will.


First up, let’s take a look at the best light green hues. I like to stick to colors that aren’t super bright or saturated- they have a more timeless feeling.

I’d classify the tallboy dresser in the above image as a “light green”. It adds the perfect amount of color, while still looking balanced and neutral. If you’re non-committal and are having trouble “going green”, the lighter tones are the perfect place to start.

Moving onto my favorite medium green paint colors, you’ll find a similar approach. None of these colors are screaming, but are rather deep and sophisticated.

I’d put my fireplace into the medium green category. It’s not crazy dark, but it’s also not light. Medium greens have been in my comfort zone lately. The slightly muted and muddy quality these colors possess is something I’m really attracted to.

The dark, moody, and rich green hues really sing to my soul. If you’re in need of a bold pop of color, look no further! Check out my favorite dark green paints below…

The first time I used a deep green paint was in the dining room of our Ohio house. Years ago, I remember being a nervous that it was too weird or crazy. After the entire room was finished, my stress was alleviated by a deep love for the dark color. Everyone who visited commented on the gorgeous color, and I knew it was a great decision. That was later affirmed when HGTV Magazine asked to feature the dining room solely because of the paint color.

These days I don’t need affirmation to know that green is a great (and my favorite) choice in interior settings. It almost reads like a neutral… navy is the same way. Long story short, you can’t go wrong! Even if you’re not 100% sold- paint isn’t permanent. That’s something I enjoy reminding people of.

Compiling this monochromatic post made me really happy! Did you find the paint colors helpful? Be sure to pin them for later if you don’t have anything to paint at the moment. Are there any other green paint fanatics out there? Any other colors I should add to the list? I suppose the Irish knew what they were doing. Ha!


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