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Tips & Hacks: 5 Incredibly Creative Ways to Use Pool Noodles

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Sure they’re one of the most fun things in the pool, but did you know that they have many great uses outside of the pool? Take advantage of the season and stock up on $1 pool noodles from Dollar Tree. Use them now for fun in the pool, then after summer is over recycle and reinvent them to extend the fun all year long!

  1. Wreath Base

    Tape the ends together with duct tape and use as a base for a wreath. Wrap with ribbon to cover and add silk flowers or ribbon bows as embellishments. You could also glue floral moss or paper to coordinate with your seasonal décor.

  2. Light Swords

    Set up your own epic space battle in the backyard by making foam light swords. Use silver duct tape to create a handle. Define and accent with black electrical tape and permanent markers.

  3. Boot Saver

    Cut to the shaft height of your boots and use to keep them upright and crease free in your closet.

  4. Race Car Track

    Cut in half lengthwise and use as a track for small cars or marbles. Make little flags with toothpicks to mark the start and finish line.

  5. Paintbrush Alternatives

    Cut short lengths that small hands can hold to stamp and paint with instead of brushes.


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