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DIY & Crafts: Show Off Your Pride with a Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath

Show off your love for your country with these patriotic deco mesh wreaths! With a little time and a few craft items from Dollar Tree, you can put together this beautiful red, white, and blue wreath to welcome your friends, family, and neighbors. Bright and decorated with mesh and ribbon, this wreath will look great on the front door, over the mantel, or even as part of an Independence Day centerpiece.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Deco Mesh Rolls (2 Red, 1 White, 1 Blue)
  • 14.25-in. Metal Wreath Ring
  • Chenille Stems
  • Plastic Necklaces
  • Patriotic Headbands, Signs, or Other Embellishments
  • Patriotic Velvety Bow

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Twist Chenille Stems at points around the edges of the Wreath Form where the wires cross, leaving 5″ ends of stems open to grab the mesh with.
  2. Unwind first Deco Mesh Roll and create a 3″ loop at the end of the roll.
  3. Secure loop to wreath form by twisting a chenille stem around the loop twice.
  4. Taking an 8″ section of mesh, bunch and secure it around the wreath using next closest chenille stem. Repeat until at the end of the roll.
  5. Create a loop at the end of the roll and secure by twisting a chenille stem around the loop twice.
  6. Repeat with the next 3 rolls of mesh, alternating colors, and alternating which chenille stems you use to secure the mesh.
  7. Cut Patriotic Necklaces to create a chain. Twist together then wind the chains around the wreath. Secure ends to wreath form with chenille stems.
  8. Cut stars off of Patriotic Headbands and insert throughout the wreath. Secure with chenille stems. For an alternate look, secure a patriotic sign to the center of the wreath.
  9. Attach a Velvety Bow using chenille stems, if desired.
  10. Hang wreath and enjoy!


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