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Today we will continue with the useful advices for bloggers and not only. Last week I shared some of the basic rules in the photography and this week we will start with the social media. We will focus on one of the fastest developing ones – Pinterest. And because I don’t consider myself an expert in Pinterest I asked for help Krisi from With her more than 165 000+ Pinterest followers she has definitely some experience there so I am happy that she was kind enough to share her experience with all of us. Here is what she wrote:
For all the social media as well as for Pinterest it is important when you publish your content. If you want your content to reach more people you have to publish when those people are active. If you pin late in the evening you risk your post to go down in Pinterest content on the home page of your followers.
Here it is important what followers you are aiming at. If you are located in Europe but you want followers from USA you’ll have to find the right time to publish your content when both time zones are active. In the particular example a good time to publish your content is around 5pm in the afternoon.
Find active members who share your taste. Be critical and hard to please. If you don’t like half of the pictures of the people you follow, than they are not for you. Stop following them and find others which you like 100%. Also you don’t need to follow all the boards of the people you follow. Subscribe to only those which you are interested and which you like.
Everybody knows the truth of the social media – the more active you are the more activity you will attract. Though publishing many pictures at once might bore your followers. Therefore publish often but just a few pictures and you will have more followers.
If you want your pictures to be used often and found easily by the others it is important that they are well described. For each pin you publish describe it well in the “Description” field with short words, divided by commas or with #hashtags. For example if you pin sea scenery you can tag it with: #sea, #summer, #sand, #blue.  If you don’t feel like writing a description by yourself, before you press the “Pin” button select the text describing the picture and it will be automatically copied to the “Description” field in Pinterest.
Even though quantity might be important, on “Pinterest” the more important is the quality. Pin only pictures which you like a lot, otherwise you risk to lose your followers. If we have to order by importance all the advices I wrote you here – this one would be the most important one. The people search for the beauty in the pictures. Give them what they look for.
Don’t only repin pictures from Pinterest. Find new ones and be the first one to show them. Everybody would like to follow someone who is showing new and unique content.
Recently Pinterest announced new feature called Rich pins.
These are more detailed pictures for products, recipes, movies etc. They contain more info about the pictures:
– Product pins – as the name says these are pins for a product and contain the product price, availability and link to the shop, where you can find the product.
 – Recipe pins – show time for preparation of the meal, needed products and portions.
 – Movie pins – shows the film rating, names of the actors, etc.
More information about the Rich pins you can found here and here
For example if you have a culinary blog you can profile your posts as “Recipe pins”. This way your recipe will contain the needed products for your meal. On a first glance the blogger might be skeptical about this as his recipe is published on another site and she might lose valuable traffic on her blog. But that’s not entirely true because in Recipe pins are published only the needed products but not the preparation details.  Therefore viewer can quickly see if she has the needed products and if yes to follow the link and visit the blog for the full recipe.
If you aren’t sure whether to publish a photo or in which board exactly you can use the “Like” button. This way you will be able to use it later, when you have more time to examine it more carefully.
Last but not least – the most important thing for Pinterest is to bring pleasure. Don’t be too strict. Follow boards with pictures which you love and enjoy every day of this constant flow of beautiful and inspiring photos.

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