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DIY & Crafts: Don’t Eat Your Food, Wear It & Be Easy Mac For Halloween

Halloween is approaching, which means that I have got to start making my kids’ Halloween costumes! They love when I come up with creative costumes that none of their friends will have, so I am constantly trying to think out of the box. One thing that came to mind was food. Easy mac is a favorite in our household, so I figured that there’s no better way to show your love for something by dressing up as it for Halloween.

Please note: I made all of this costume to fit children, but it can be made for adults as well.


Easy Mac Costume Supplies:

  • Toilet Paper Tubes (I collect over time for crafting and used 21 for this costume)
  • Round Laundry Basket
  • Blue Poster Board
  • Blue Masking Painters Tape (2″ Size)
  • Yellow Letter Stickers
  • Yellow Ribbon
  • Yellow Shirt or Sweatshirt (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)
  • Yellow Spray Paint (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors
  • Tacky Glue®

This Easy Mac Costume is Easy (and Cheesy)!

  1. For the macaroni I used toilet paper tubes. I headed outside and spray painted the toilet paper tubes bright yellow. Make sure to cover the entire outside of each tube and allow the paint to dry completely.
  2. The next day I placed the yellow sweatshirt on a piece of poster board and laid out where I wanted each yellow macaroni tube to be placed. I then used Tacky Glue® to glue each tube to the yellow sweatshirt. I allowed the glue to dry completely. Be sure to treat the sweatshirt carefully until it’s time to wear the costume or you may need to re-glue a few of the tubes.
  3. To make the cup of the Easy Mac, I used scissors to cut the bottom off of the round laundry basket and covered the edges with blue masking tape.
  4. I then cut the blue poster board in half lengthwise and taped two of the edges together with the blue masking tape.
  5. Next, I cut two lengths of yellow ribbon that were each approximately 3 feet long (if making this costume for an adult, you will need to make the ribbon longer to account for their torso length). I wove the ribbons through the basket where I would ultimately want them to be placed for the straps of the costume.
  6. Then, I placed the now long poster board around the laundry basket and secured it to the top edge with blue masking tape; you will also need to secure the other ends together with the blue masking tape so that the poster board forms a circle around the laundry basket. I ended up doing two layers of tape along the entire rim of the top of the basket to make it extra secure. I placed the tape so that it was not covering the ribbon; I wanted the ribbon to be able to move so that I could tighten when wearing the costume. The bottom of the poster board does not need to sit flush against the bottom edge of the laundry basket, but you could secure it with tape if wanted.
  7. As a finishing touch, I used yellow letter stickers to spell out EASY MAC and placed them on one side of the blue poster board, centered between the yellow ribbons.

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