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Well, it’s about time I share another interesting fact about myself… I’m a hand soap fanatic. If I’m being honest, I’m actually kind of a hand soap snob (that might be putting it lightly). I’m pretty picky when it comes to liquid hand soap. Think about how many times you wash your hands each day! I’m all about the little details and if a soap looks and smells amazing, it puts a smile on my face. After Emmett called me out for the amount of hand soaps living in our linen cabinet I’ve collected, I figured maybe it was time to share a big roundup since I’m a self-proclaimed connoisseur. Ha! Click through to see which soaps (of all prices) made my list and why. 

I’m just going to get to the point… hand soap may seem like a silly thing to roundup or focus on in terms of interior and home decor blog posts, but believe me when I say- making little upgrades like this can really make you happier (I’ve pretty much tested them all)! Like I said, I’m a details person and I notice these tiny things.


Click directly on my finds below to shop or use the numbered links at the bottom…

01: cleansing hand gel // 02: juniper hand soap // 03: tocca hand soap // 04: aesop hand soap // 05: lavender liquid soap // 06: au lait hand wash // 07: shea hand wash // 08: le labo hand soap // 09: method hand soap // 10: byredo hand wash // 11: citron hand wash // 12: orange blossom hand soap // 13: bergamot hand wash // 14: jo malone hand soap // 15: elderflower hand soap // 16: lightwell hand wash // 17: vegetable hand soap // 18: nourishing shea soap // 19: white gardenia hand wash // 20: olfattivo hand soap

These range from $3 to $65 and there are some seriously wonderful smelling options! I like to alternate between options of different price points to see if I can tell a difference (and to help the budget). Regardless, I’ve kind of turned Emmett into a soap scent snob too. He has been requesting more of numbers 5, 6, 8, and 16. Those are his favorites! In our master bath, we each had the same soap at our divided sinks… long story short- his ran out, I replaced it with a different option, and he went as far to steal my soap and swap the two. I’m serious!!

Lots of the options listed above also have complimenting lotions. I love the sets for the kitchen sink, when your hands get dry from doing dishes!

If you love the scent of a less expensive option, but aren’t into the packaging- it’s an easy fix. I have plenty of ceramic soap dispensers that I refill and dump nice smelling liquid soap into- like pictured above in our guest bathroom.

These soaps also make great gifts. Given I have a bunch stashed away in the linen closet, I often use them for hostess gifts, holiday gifts, birthday gifts… you get the point. It’s easy to pull together a cute basket with a hand soap, tea towel, candle, and handwritten note at a moments notice! I’ve converted lots of my friends and family to using these by giving them as gifts. They’re always well received and useful.

I also end up in the soap aisle when shopping at HomeGoods. Remember this post? I’m tellin’ ya… I have problem- a serious addiction to hand soap. Emmett makes fun of me! Is anyone else in the same boat? Please say yes! What other luxury items do you like to hoard or stash away?


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