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Cocktails: White Wine Apple Spritzer

Have you ever opened a bottle of wine and, well, it just wasn’t a good one? My scenario recently was I had a couple bottles of white wine (literally labeled ‘white wine’) that had come in gift baskets from the holidays. They were really nice gift baskets, one was sent from the company that processes our payroll, and the red wine that it came with was quite good. The white wine, on the other hand … it wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t my favorite. I really hate to be wasteful though. So this recipe is very much inspired by trying to save a mediocre wine I had opened. Have you ever found yourself in a similar dilemma?

My first thought was sangria, as that’s a great way to use wine and even mediocre wine can be totally transformed. But I was sort of looking for something that I could just make one or two servings of and use the wine over the course of week or so.


But then I remembered white wine spritzers—which is a favorite summer drink of mine. Even though it’s not quite summer yet, I decided to mix up a spritzer anyway.

This turned out to be the perfect option for saving my mediocre white wine. And, major bonus points, that it’s likely all the ingredients you need you probably already have. I love a complicated cocktail as much as the next gal but sometimes you just don’t have all the ingredients and you’re looking for something to sip on while you watch the rest of the cult documentary you started with your husband that week on Netflix.

No? Just me.

You can chop up an apple to this, making it almost a sangria spritzer in a way. But this is just optional. I decided to try my hand at making some apple roses to go in the drink I was photographing for you all, but you can keep it simple if you don’t feel like getting crafty with your food. 🙂

In case you do want to make an apple rose, here’s what I did (truly, I am no expert though). Core the apple, then use a mandolin to slice super thin. Lay 6-8 pieces along together and roll up. Secure with a toothpick and snip off the ends if you don’t want to see the toothpick.

To me this is a lot like being served a cocktail with a cherry on a toothpick in it (or an olive), but if you make this for someone just make sure they are aware there is a toothpick in there just in case they don’t see it.

Happy cocktail mixing! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with the ACS for Desktop actions.

White Wine Apple Spritzer

  • 2 parts white wine
  • 1 part apple juice
  • big splash of club soda
  1. Pour the chilled wine and apple juice into a glass. Top with club soda. Garnish with a few apple slices if you like.

You can use club soda or a favored sparkling water. I like citrus sparkling waters for this recipe like lemon, lime, or grapefruit. If you are serving a group, I think topping this with champagne would really bring it up a notch, but as I don’t often open champagne just for myself I have a feeling you might feel the same.


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