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DIY & Crafts: Elegant DIY Wreath Using 3D Wreath Forms

Looking to add some extra pop and pizzazz to your holiday décor? Well then, you’re in luck because I am here to show you how! I was in my local Dollar Tree the other day and came across these awesome 3D wreath forms and decided to buy a few to hang across my dining room table. I wanted a more natural and elegant look, so I wrapped green garland and fairy lights around them and then stuck LED candles in the center of them. They looked GORGEOUS hanging above my dining room table and really set the mood for the holidays!

Stock Up on These Supplies:

  • 3D Wreath Forms
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)
  • Green Garland (One for each wreath you plan on making – the 10” wreaths will leave you a little extra garland afterwards)
  • Fairy Lights or String Lights
  • Floral Wire
  • Twine or Fishing Line
  • Hot Glue Gun (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)
  • LED Candles
  • Optional: Flowers, Ornaments, etc.

Follow Along Step-by-Step:

  1. Assemble the 3D wreath forms as instructed with the included metal braces. I reinforced mine with hot glue at both of the points to make it extra sturdy.
  2. Using your hot glue gun, adhere the garland to the wreath form’s wires by running a bead of glue on each wire and pressing the garland to the wire. It is best to do this a few inches at a time, and be careful, the glue will be hot.
  3. If you’d like, you can decorate with fairy lights and LED candles (pictured) or get creative with ornaments, flowers, and more! Run twine through the top and hang it from the ceiling to make it float.

Looking for more ways to spruce up your holiday décor? Check out these simple ways to decorate for the holidays!



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