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Celebrations: ROARing to the 20s with This New Year’s Party Tablescape!

Who is ready for the new year? I sure am! I love New Year’s because with the new year, comes a fresh, new start. Every year, my family and I host a New Year’s Eve party and tend to go all out with decorations and food however, hosting for a large crowd can get expensive, which is why I turn to the store I can always count on when I’m in a pinch… Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree has everything I need to kick off the new year all while staying on budget. I am able to stock up on a variety of balloons, catering supplies, food, drinks, décor, and even party accessories. Dollar Tree never disappoints! Check out below to see how I created my amazing and affordable tablescape for New Year’s Eve using $1 supplies from Dollar Tree!


Fill Up on These Balloon Ideas!

Y’all… I don’t know about you, but I have been obsessed with balloon arches I have been seeing all over the Internet! They always look super extravagant and I thought I could never afford to do one myself, but boy was I wrong! Using a few packs of white and black latex balloons from Dollar Tree and a few gold and silver foil star balloons, I was able to create this amazing balloon arch for my party.

  1. First, I used a balloon hand pump from Dollar Tree to blow up the balloons.
  2. Then, I tied them to twine that was the length of my arch.
  3. To hang them to the wall, I used painter’s tape, so that the paint on my walls didn’t chip and voila… balloon arch complete!

Next came the backdrop, which is easier than you may think!

  1. First, I used painter’s tape to hang a gold plastic tablecloth behind my party table.
  2. Next, I folded my black plastic tablecloth lengthwise, until the width was about a foot long.
  3. Then, using scissors, I cut 1-inch strips into the black tablecloth.
  4. I then unfolded the black tablecloth and hung it over the gold tablecloth with painter’s tape. I decided to go with the “fringe” look since we are now “roaring” into the 20’s!
  5. To give it some extra pizzazz, I hung a few strands of battery-operated fairy lights!

Dollar Tree now carries these amazing gold (and silver) number balloons and “Happy New Year” script balloons for just $1 each. So, of course, I had to finish off my backdrop with these fun balloons!

Here Comes the Fun (and Tasty) Part

Feeding a large crowd on a budget can be difficult, however, Dollar Tree always saves the day when it comes to affordable snacks, appetizers, desserts, and drinks! From meatballs and Martinelli’s®, to popcorn and chips, even the frozen eclairs are a huge hit with party goers! Dollar Tree even has an amazing selection of catering supplies to serve up all of your treats!

Can’t forget about the drinks! Dollar Tree has a great selection of sodas, juice, and especially their Martinelli’s® sparkling grape juice. Use Dollar Tree’s plastic champagne glasses to serve up your refreshments to your guests. I took it one step further by adding Mod Podge® and gold glitter to the stems of the glasses for an extra touch of glam and stacked them in a “champagne tower!”

Dazzling Décor

I used vases, ornaments, beads, balloons weights, and boas from Dollar Tree, to create these fun and festive decorative accents on my table! They added the perfect touch of class to my party table.

Don’t forget to grab extra party accessories such as hats and noise makers for when the clock strikes midnight!

I decided to also add a fun and sparkly banner to the front of my table as well. I simply used Dollar Tree’s tassel banner and wove a gold tinsel garland through it!

There ya have it! Now head over to your local Dollar Tree to get everything you need to throw the best New Year’s Eve party!

Need more food ideas for your party? Make these fun and delicious cupcaketini’s!


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