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I know, I know… I promised you all a shiny, new living room reveal today, BUT if you follow along on Instagram– you already know I haven’t finished styling my shelves yet (womp womp). I ran out of books and I’m still feeling very under-the-weather, so I might need the weekend to go thrifting and properly wrap things up. Sorry, friends! We’ve spent so much time on this space, I just want to make sure I do it justice. All of that to say, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this post instead… it’s always a fan favorite! This is my 4th annual “Predicted Paint Colors” post and this year I’m shaking up the format. Rather than doing a whole bunch of color families, I thought it might be less intimidating or daunting to share my top 10 color swatches, why I love them, and how you might apply these paint colors in your own home. Sound like a plan? Ok, let’s do it! Click through to check it out…

I’m just going to dive right in. I scoured ALL of my paint decks (around 15!) to find beautiful colors I think we’ll be seeing more of in the coming year. I also spent a lot of time researching color palettes on the rise, since I spent most of the week sick in bed. It was the perfect opportunity to do some color forecasting. Drumroll please….. these are the 10 I landed on (read more about why below the graphic).


#1 : Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp 1570 // I’ve been attracted to this muted seafoam color for quite some time. In fact, we started a guest bedroom makeover upstairs that will hopefully get finished at some point this year. Remember this painted door DIY post? I used a strikingly similar color and I’m planning to paint the entire room in that same hue. All of that to say- I think we can expect to see more gray / green tones like this. It’s soft and neutral, but also gives us COLOR that has a bit more personality than gray or beige. I’m a fan of seeing this in a high gloss finish on millwork.

#2 : Clare Blackest // Black paint is always in style. It’s bold, daring, high contrast, and certainly not for everyone, BUT- I’m challenging you to use it somewhere this year. My favorite application for rich black paint? The ceiling! Elongate your ceiling height, hide ugly texture, or make a statement in a small room (see my laundry room and previous bathroom as proof). I prefer a true, deep black and this one is a new favorite!

#3 : Farrow & Ball Lulworth Blue No. 89 // Cornflower blue is going to strike… I can feel it. I said this last year and I feel like we barely got a taste for this stunning color. I’m hoping we continue to see more of it in the coming year! Remember this gorgeous kitchen? That actually inspired me to use a similar shade in my guest bathroom last year. It’s calming and sophisticated!

#4 : Benjamin Moore Backwoods 469 // You know I can’t resist a deep green. This cool hued color is bound to show up sooner rather than later in our home. In 2019, there were a LOT of mossy medium green hues, but this year I’d like to see everyone cool the color down and go a bit darker. I feel like this is the more timeless (2020) way to use green paint and I’m here for it.

#5 : Sherwin-Williams Aesthetic White 7035 // This paint color is my go-to light natural. I rarely do plain white walls, but if I’m going bright and neutral… this is always in my top choices. In fact, our formal living room (that I’ll FINALLY reveal on Monday) is painted this color. It’s a more interesting neutral than stark white, hides scuffs more easily, and adapts well to the furnishings in a space. It’s one of those chameleon colors that people are catching onto!

#6 : Benjamin Moore Sweet Rosy Brown 1302 // I’m serious when I say, I want to paint something red(ish) in our house this year. I’d love to see built-ins painted this hue in a glossy finish (like Gwen’s). Rather than skewing more toward fuschia or purple, I like the idea of this swatch leaning more toward brown for a classic look (I’m not big on pink). I really do think we’ll see more red hues in the coming year. Who is going to be brave enough to attempt painting something in this shade with me?

#7 : Sherwin-Williams North Star 6246 // This color caught my attention because it’s a nice neutral blue that feels comfortable, like gray… but has more depth. It’s super calming and would be perfect in so many spaces. If you’re strictly a neutral paint kind of person and are trying to branch out… start here. This color will surprise you in the best way. I’m loving this on walls, furniture, millwork, exterior settings, basically anywhere and everywhere.

#8 : Benjamin Moore Hazelwood 1005 // This is another chameleon color that made me look twice. At first glance, I thought it was gray, then I took my paint deck to a different room, only to realize it was almost lavender. It’s a nice warm neutral that would look really beautiful in a matte or gloss finish. I’d definitely like to use this somewhere soon! I think we’ll be seeing more of these warm gray / nearly purple tones in the coming year.

#9 : HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams at Lowe’s Anchors Aweigh // Dark navy blue isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. After Sherwin-Williams announced Naval as their Color of the Year (remember my basement makeover?), I think we can expect the deep blue paint colors to stick around throughout the entire year. After all, these shades never really go out of style… they’re very classic, in my opinion.

#10 : Behr Sophisticated Teal HDC-CL-22 // Last, but definitely not least, teal! You guys already know I’m a fan of dark teal (ahem, my kitchen cabinets) and I’m hoping we see lots of this in 2020. I’d like to explore both the medium and dark hues. Again, this is a color that works in so many settings in multiple finishes. I could see this ultra glossy or super matte.

What do you think of my color picks for 2020? Are our visions and predictions aligned? I’m looking forward to many more painting projects (yes- I’m one of those crazy people who LOVES painting) this year. If you’re curious about specific colors seen throughout our current home or previous renovations, this post is a must-read. I break down each paint color by room and the colors I paired it with.

I’d love to hear what colors you’re looking forward to using this year in the comment section below! Now that I’m finally feeling better after my bit with bronchitis, I’m starting to get excited about planning new projects. Don’t worry- I promise to finish and share the living room first. Ha!


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