plants & gardening: Favorite House Plants for 2020

I ventured to my local greenhouse (Cactus & Tropicals, for those of you who live in Salt Lake) yesterday to grab a bunch of plants for Emmett’s office project I’m working on (I’ll share all of that in a blog post soon). It had been wayyy too long since I had been plant shopping, so while I was there- I snapped a bunch of plant photos and thought they were worth sharing. Click through to see my favorite house plants for 2020… there are some familiar ones, as well as new options & ideas to add to your interior plant collection in the coming year.

Obviously I put a faux fiddle in our formal living room, so I’m still digging the favorite “designer tree”. With that said, I do think they’re a bit overdone (and by a bit- I mean a lot), so I’m excited to branch out and explore some other fun trees and house plant options in the coming year! Based on what I noticed during my trip to the greenhouse, I’m really excited about the plants pictured below…


I included the slang name below each plant image… ehr- street name? What would you call a plant’s name that isn’t the actual scientific name? Haha! Anyway- I included THOSE for easy reference. There are lots of nice shapes and textures packed into that plant graphic! So many beautiful house plants to choose from and get excited about in 2020.

From delicate textures to wispy leaves, my top three I’d like to try are: the egyptian tree fern, the fishtail palm, and the long leaf ficus.

Are there any plants you’ve noticed lately that I should add to the list? Are you still a fan of the fiddle leaf fig- or are you ready to see something new? I have mixed feelings on that topic! Regardless, bringing greenery and plants into my home helps me survive winter. It’s a nice reminder that spring is around the corner. I also just like having an organic, green element in the house to add some life. Plants are always a good idea… I think we can all agree on that!


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