Maternity: Elsie’s Maternity Leave (what to expect)

After 10 years of writing this blog both for fun and as my full-time job, I am taking my first leave. This week, Jeremy and I are leaving for China, where we will become a family of three on December 4 and stay to finalize papers until mid-December. We will be home in time for Christmas! We are planning to stay in Nashville this year for a low-key first Christmas together and a slow first few months full of creating new routines.

I will be taking the whole month of December off and then working half-days during January and February before returning full-time. I wanted to leave a couple notes here about what to expect and also how to follow our adoption story if you are interested in that.


First of all, don’t worry! Our amazing team has everything under control, and if I didn’t write this post, you might not even have noticed I was gone. Haha! I will have a few blog posts going up in December, but they are all pre-scheduled. Due to travel in China, I will be letting my co-workers respond to comments and help you if you have any questions, whether it’s about a blog post, our beauty box or our app. Our team is truly the best; they are so hard working and I owe them so much for giving me a chance to take a real maternity leave.

We have some exciting things going on in December … here on the blog you’ll have the BIG 12 days of giveaways. Our app, A Color Story, has a really exciting new +pack called Confetti that came out today. Oui Fresh has an incredible beauty box planned for December (like soooo good). Keely will be filling in for me doing unboxings and stories on ABM’s Instagram about the products.

During December my plan is to be offline quite a lot, but I will share quick updates on my personal Instagram account. I may turn off my DMs for a bit, but not forever. We plan to do a bit of cocooning and take things very slow.

Once I return part-time in January, I will share a big recap with you so we can catch up. I will also be updating my family blog which I created so long ago with the anticipation of having kiddos one day. I can’t believe that day is finally here!

Thank you so much for your support throughout our adoption! It means the world to me to know you are cheering us along! I love you all and am so grateful to share this incredible season of life with you. Love, Elsie

Credits//Photography: Amber Ulmer.


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