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It’s time for another Amazon Finds post! This one is timely for me because our master bedding is about to change… AGAIN. Our bedding goes through phases- usually it’s a seasonal thing and I swap the layers accordingly, but lately Emmett is complaining of being too hot. I’m not about to give up my flannel sheets since it’s still snowy and freezing here in Utah, but I promised to compromise and get rid of our heavy, down duvet. Click through to see how I’m planning to update our bedding (so Emmett and I can both be happy), and check out a GIANT roundup of bedding options I found on Amazon. All of my finds have incredible reviews and look far more expensive than they actually are. PS: you’ll also find cute dogs cuddled up on beds throughout this post, too. What’s not to like about that? Happy Tuesday!

As a reminder, this is what our master bedroom and bedding currently looks like…


I absolutely adore sleeping in soft flannel sheets during the cold, snowy winter, but the extra heavy down duvet has been too hot for Emmett. To compromise, we’re going to leave the flannel sheets (until spring arrives) and swap our down duvet for a lighter quilt or coverlet. I can always pull up a throw on my side of the bed for extra warmth if needed. I typically have on draped across the foot of the bed anyway. It feels like a good solution!

This bedding swap dilemma led me on a quick hunt for a quilt or coverlet to temporarily replace our duvet. Keyword being quick and budget-friendly this time around. We only have a two or three more months of winter here in Salt Lake City and I swap our bedding seasonally anyway, so I wanted something that looked great, didn’t cost an arm and a leg, and would arrive this week (because believe me when I say… my husband is COMPLAINING, big time). Obviously I turned to Amazon since the emphasis of this little switcharoo is speed & cost effective.

While I was perusing Amazon for a quilt, coverlet, or comforter, I found a bunch of good bedding. I compiled my best finds below! Most of these come in multiple colors, FYI. I just selected neutral colors for the roundup. Be sure to click through and explore the options (different sizes, patterns, and color).

Click directly on my bedding finds below to shop…

I ended up ordering number three (Emmett wanted that one), but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll keep you guys posted once it gets here, and will be sure to share a quick review, plus a styled image.

Bedding is one of those things that can really make or break a bedroom. It’s a great way to make your master feel more cozy, luxurious, and inviting. It can also enhance your guest room, making family & friends feel comfortable and welcome.

The key to a great looking bed is layering. Believe me when I say- the more layers and folds you create, the better your bed is going to look (puppies also help).

The trick to sleeping at a comfortable temperature under all those layers is choosing the right weight. Swapping our heavy, down duvet (filled to the brim with the fluffiest feathers) for a lightweight cotton coverlet will make us sleep cooler- which is a good thing in Emmett’s case. I might require an additional throw (hey- one more layer doesn’t hurt from an aesthetic POV). It’s a give and take. I get to keep my warm flannel sheets a few months longer, but another option would’ve been swapping the sheets for a percale sheet set or something of that nature!

To wrap things up, I wanted to note… this is my 20th(!) Amazon Finds post, I thought it would be fitting to link the previous posts below. You can always shop my Amazon storefront, where I curate my best finds!

Have you ever purchased bedding on Amazon? I’d love to hear more ideas for Amazon roundups in the comment section below. These are so much fun for me! Are you still enjoying this series and finding it helpful? One last question… do you and your partner sleep at different temperatures? Tell me we’re not the only couple having this debate. Are you team HOT or COLD? Obviously I’m cold, and like heavy bedding. Also… is it obvious I think dogs in beds being cuddly is cute? Yeah- I thought so. Ha!


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