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Woohoo, Tuesday! My favorite day of the week. How is everyone today? I thought this would be a GREAT time to start a new blog series. Now more than ever, I feel the urge to support and highlight small businesses. With our current climate, shelter-in-place, temporary closings, and economic situation, I thought it might be fun and positive to start highlighting my favorite design & decor related businesses that you can help support by following, sharing, and shopping online. Even while their brick & mortar storefronts are closed, I want to show small businesses some love! First up? You heard me talk about Tabby Home a couple weeks ago on IG stories when revealing my basement bathroom, so I figured they would make the perfect start to the series. Click through to learn more about Tabby, why I love their curated collection, and to shop my favorite finds.


One of my design mentors started Tabby with four other female designers this past year. They are a small business located in Savannah, Georgia and this powerful female team has incredible taste! They describe their curated storefront as “gracious living and luxury home items that reflect a lowcountry sensibility with European poise.” I don’t disagree! All of their products feel very timeless and intentional.

I’ve placed a few orders with them… my most recent one being a candle order. I wanted to stock up on spring scents to make my home feel happy while we’re social distancing (it’s the little things these days). My friend surprised me and sent a new candle in their collection that is my new favorite. It is SO GOOD. The pictured Makana Grapefruit Lychee candle is constantly burning in my home office while I work these days. It smells fresh, has notes of grapefruit (my fave!), pomelo, lychee, with hints of tangy sweet vanilla. It definitely smells like spring & summer, and has been making me smile lately! Take my word for it on this one… if you’re looking for a new scent, this candle is a must try. I’ll be grabbing a couple more of these once mine burns down.

Ready to see some more of my finds from Tabby? Use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage to shop…

01: reed sconce // 02: makana grapefruit lychee candle // 03: palmetto garden table // 04: leash // 05: tortoise switch plate cover // 06: marble top table // 07: jeweled sconce // 08: longacre sconce // 09: mini apollo bust // 10: extra long pillow // 11: french library sconce // 12: aquiesse soy candle // 13: bell flower cadre // 14: acrylic soap dish // 15: seascape medallion jar // 16: french market basket dog bed

Some of my personal favorites include their candles (#2 and #12), the chic tortoise plate switch cover (#5), the slender marble table (#6- I ordered that one, but it hasn’t arrived yet), their mini bust collection (#9), the extra long pillow (#10- which is great for making a casual bed), obviously the bell flower cadre art (#13- that can be found in my basement bath), and the awesome ginger jar (#15). Someday when my dogs mellow out and get older, I’m going to have to buy that french market basket dog bed (#16) for them- it’s incredible! I’d toss a cushion on the bottom for comfort, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

Like what you see? They do have a lovely collection! Be sure to support Tabby Home by giving them a follow on Instagram. I’d also love to hear your favorites from their site!

Is there a small home, decor, or interior business you love? Please let me know in the comment section below so I can add them to the list! So far, I have a good amount on my radar, but would love to continue the series, support small business owners, discover new online shops, and keep sharing the love! Happy Tuesday, friends. Have a good one!


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