Kids: Sewing With Kraft Tex

I am happy to be back sharing my July Kraft Tex Project. How have you been? We have been great, aside from boredom setting in.

The color for our July Kraft Tex projects is Red. Truthfully, I don’t like the color red. I stewed for a month on what to make showcasing the color red. Then I remembered that my 4 year old son Arlo LOVES the color red. He also loves to color, draw and make scribbles in notebooks. So I thought, why not make a scribbler cover for him?


This is a super easy project. Just open a notebook and trace around the outside edge. Make sure to add a little extra for the seam allowance. However, you don’t need the regular 1/2″ seam allowance. My favorite part – you don’t need to press or turn this project right side out.

I would suggest adding an extra 1/8″ to the top and bottom edges to allow for the topstitching. Add ample room at the long ends, probably 1/2″ on each end. It is best to trace around the book while the book is OPEN. This provides you with the wiggle room you need for when the book is open and expands. Adding 1/2″ on each end also allows enough room for the topstitching.

For a little more detail, I used my cutting machine and added the letter A. My son likes to remind me that “A” is for Arlo. So, why not add to his book? In testing my machine, I cut a few extra A’s. I added a solid color to to back for a shadow like affect.

Have you tried Kraft-tex? Here are my top 3 reasons to sew with it:

  • No pressing.
  • Using wonder clips instead of pins [ pins make holes! ].
  • No turning right side out. Just sew and go


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