Casual Friday: Casual Friday Vol. 24

In a world where there is already so much oversharing, I’d like to dedicate this post to those random things that don’t get shared. And those lovely, “if you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a thousand times” moments…. like my infused water right here. All of you misfit moments are having your moment right here, right now for Casual Friday.

Lemon, lime and mint water. Am I at a spa?


Organizing things that have yet to be organized.

And here’s a bunch of random pics of me potting plants on a Sunday night. I just randomly got that craving to use my DSLR more! Nothing special. Just a photo where it looks like I’m about to injure myself with a plant. Cool.

What’s up in your world, sister??

Oh, just working. In a fairly messy office. With a sleeping dog (who snores!). And what looks to be some pretty dirty socks (I swear they aren’t as bad as they look!).

I took a few photos from around my house one random morning this week just to give you a sneak peek. This is pretty much my view everyday as I rarely leave the house during the week except to buy supplies, run errands, go to occasional meetings for the bar, and sometimes I get lunch or coffee with a friend. It’s funny, but there are days at a time when I don’t leave the house at all since I work from home. Which I don’t mind at all, but it is kind of funny and very different from my life last year.

Here you can see my living room. I’ve been kind of working on this room since we moved in. I’m thinking of moving the rugs into the bedroom, as we don’t have any rugs in there yet, and I think these might go with the vibe in that room more.

I’m also getting a big arm chair reupholstered, so I put this smaller, brown leather chair in its place this past week while our usual chair is gone getting a facelift. I’ll share some pics when he comes home.

Still need to hang up artwork too. We moved in over six months ago, and I STILL haven’t hung up all our artwork and pictures. Oh well, maybe next week.

And here’s a beautiful site near the kitchen. Where we live, you have to pay extra to get recycling service (pick up) or you have to drop it off at the recycling center yourself. I used to drop it off, but since we live much farther away and I just feel so busy, we pay extra for the service. Anyway, for some reason they didn’t come last week and our bin was completely full because we had cleaned out our garage, which still had lots of boxes from when we moved. And then I got some items from IKEA and Amazon this week, and so now we have what feels like a whole mailroom full of boxes sitting in the living room, waiting to go out on Friday. I don’t want to set them out before then because if it rains, they could get all soggy or they could just blow away and I doubt our neighbors would love that.

So yeah, I’ve got some recycling problems this week. 🙂

But here’s a pretty spot! Trey has bought me flowers twice in the last few weeks (aaawwe), so I’ve got lots of pretty flowers sitting on our kitchen counter. I had some on my desk, but it got so full of papers that I had to move them. Ha! Also my MIL got me this candle, and it smells amazing. So I pretty much light it everyday.

Alright, there you go, some random peeks around my everyday world. Pretty mundane. 🙂 xx. Emma


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