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Bathroom: Painted Eye Statement Wall DIY

When I was planning to give our guest bathroom a makeover, there were tons of things I wanted to do with that space, but since we were redoing every room in the house, I mostly knew it had to be budget friendly. I liked the thought of wallpapering the room, but I know that wallpaper isn’t great for a bathroom with a shower (all that steam over time), and wallpaper can also get expensive depending on what you choose. What’s the solution? A painted statement wall! It holds up much better with the shower situation and is way cheaper since I only had to buy a little paint and print some stencils. The eye trend has been so fun and I love all the pillows, clothing, and housewares that feature it so I decided a bold eye print (inspired by this and this pattern) would be just the thing!

I first printed my eye design (the size I wanted it to be on the wall) onto a bunch of pages so I could used them to map out my design on the wall. Since I wanted to be able to transfer the design directly onto the wall, I used a pencil to rub over the lines of the design on the back of the paper.


I taped up the eyes all around the room so I could use a level and measuring tape to get the placement just right and know each one was in line with all the others. This part took a bit to get just right, but it’s definitely an important step with this sort of pattern.

Once I had all the papers in place, I took my pencil and traced over the lines on the front of the paper which in turn transferred the lines onto the wall behind it.

See? It totally works! Once I had the design stenciled all over the walls, I just had to use some black craft paint and a brush to trace the lines, and I was DONE SON!

I. LOVE. THIS. PATTERN! The black and white makes a really bold statement, and it really feels like it’s a wallpaper rather than a painted on design. While it does take a bit of time to paint each design by hand with a brush, it really only cost me some craft paint and whatever ink I used up printing out the eyes to mock up the design – not too bad!! I knew I wanted something bold but still fun and quirky for our guests to see, and this eye print fits the bill perfectly! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.


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