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Hair: My Favorite Hairstyles for Hats

Today let’s talk about hat hair! The good kind that is! Or rather hairstyles for hats—isn’t it funny how different hat hair and hair for hats sounds? One of the great appeals of a hat is that you can just throw it on when you’re having a bad hair day. But if you’re a fan of hats and fun hairstyles, here’s a few different ways to combine the two. Having a fancy braid doesn’t mean in the winter you have to go around with a chilly head!

Down & basic: My default style for a good hat is just wearing my hair down and slapping a hat on top. A hat hides or distracts a number of hair issues. So when my hair needs a wash or is being a bit wavy and weird, a hat is the perfect topper and disguise. I also love the way curls look with a chic beret, and it can be just as easy as going natural—try these overnight curls and then finish the look in the morning with your favorite hat to look chic with almost no effort!


Double up: Pigtails and pigtail braids can look a bit juvenile, but I for one still can’t resist them. I mean all of those rules about what to wear and your age—where’s the sense of fun??? Still one way to “age up” the look is by throwing a stylish hat on top. You can also play with your braid styles—instead of going for a basic braid, why not do two rope braids? The trick to a rope braid is just to divide your hair into two sections and twist each section in the same direction. Once they’re twisted cross them/twist them against each other in the opposite direction (i.g. I usually twist towards my face and cross away from my face). If you’re a visual person, there’s a picture explanation of the rope braid process here.

Side style: My second favorite hairstyle for hats has to be the side braid. It works with pretty much any style hat (straw, beret, floppy, etc.), and again there’s a few different braid types you can play with: regular braid, rope braid, fishtail, etc. It’s also a perfect style if you have some loose layers because the hat will help hold your hair in place.

Surprise from behind: I like the idea of details on the backs of outfits, things people don’t notice until you walk away. It’s for this reason I still sometimes opt for a single ponytail or braid with a hat, even if these looks aren’t immediately appreciated from the front view. A faux fishtail braid (tutorial here) is a lovely surprise underneath your favorite chapeau! This style also looks just as good when you take your hat off indoors or at the end of the day.

What’s your favorite “hat hair” style? I never really saw myself as a “hat” person until I went to college in brisk Pennsylvania; one snowy winter was all it took to convince me hats were a practical and necessary accessory! Since then I haven’t really looked back and add a variety of hat styles to my collection and wearing them in every season. Now that my hair is longer, it’s even more fun to play around with ways to wear them. I hope one of these styles inspires you to wear a hat this week! Cheers, Rebecca.

Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom. 


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