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Accessories: 3 Ideas for DIY Phone Cases

A couple months ago I upgraded my iPhone to the 6s plus, and not only is it gigantic (which I LOVE), but the phone cases are pretty expensive and hard to find! I decided that instead of paying forty bucks for a phone case, I would DIY a bunch of CHEAP cases from Amazon and have options. After years of iPhone life the one thing I know for sure is that phone cases do not last forever. Even the fanciest ones I’ve owned have gotten worn out pretty quickly.

If you’re feeling these vibes and in the mood for some SIMPLE DIY, then this blog post is for you!


Step One: Find an inexpensive case (or three!) on Amazon or eBay. I used this case for my 6s Plus. Any inexpensive, clear case will work.

Idea 1: Holographic Duck tape! Have you seen this stuff? I picked up this mini roll at the craft store and just used a couple strips of it to add a pattern to my case. SUPER easy, and removable too.

Idea 2: Googly eyes. I used a couple glue dots to adhere these eyes to my clear case. It’s kind of silly, I know, but I don’t know…I love it. Haha! Great for a kid’s phone too. I need to make one of these for my niece’s phone.

Side note—kids with phones these days! Am I right?

Idea 3: Sequins trapped inside. This is my personal favorite. I’ve been using my case like this since last week when I took these photos. It’s really cute and simple! And the sequins really do not move that much once they’re in there. I was worried they might try to slide out the camera hole, but it hasn’t been an issue.

So yeah, this is probably my favorite phone case in a while, and it was under 10 bucks to make!!

On a kind of related note, I’ve noticed that the kinds of D.I.Y. projects I am drawn to making lately are changing! I am in a place where I either want to do an epic home project (like a statement wall or some kind of huge customizing project) or something REALLY simple and quick like this. Where are YOU at with D.I.Y.?? I would be really interested to hear what projects (or recipes) you’ve made from ABM, if any!

Hope you guys are having an awesome morning! Our heads are still spinning from the A Color Story launch yesterday. Thank you SO MUCH for your support! 🙂 xx- Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Elsie Larson and Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions


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