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A Color Story: A Color Story Is Here!

It’s finally here!! A Color Story is now available in the iOS App Store and it’s FREE!

If you want to go frantically download it RIGHT NOW, we get it…we can wait.


Here are the main features and some examples of how we have been using A Color Story. All the photos below have been edited using only the app:

We were able to replicate our favorite color balancing techniques from Photoshop exactly in this app, making a wide range of filters that can be used as 1-tap editing for your photos!

*Image by @elsielarson edited with Joy Ride from Chroma pack

*Image by @KeikoLynn edited with Breezy from the Blush pack

One of our top priorities was creating filters that make your colors REALLY pop. And with so many options to choose from, there are a ton of really interesting variations within the packs! This lends itself to a LOT of creative freedom!

*Image by @Laura_Elizabeth edited with Summer from the Chroma pack (yes, just one tap, and it makes such a HUGE difference!)

A lot of filters we’ve used in the past change, tint or dull color instead of enhancing it. It was extremely important to us to create filters that enhance color, rather than covering it up!


And for the photos that need just a little more fine-tuning, we’ve included over 20 tools that you can use to get it exactly right—including fully functioning curves that even allow you to target RGB. All of the tools in the app come completely free without purchasing a thing.

*Image by @elsielarson edited Bright + Contrast (Tools) and Ice Ice from the Essentials pack. 

When it comes to iPhone photos, there’s no such thing as “perfect lighting”. It always needs a bit of a boost! So the go-to tools make it really easy to brighten your photo along with the many filters that brighten for you.

*Image by @mandimakes edited with Flare 7 from the Flare & Bokeh effects pack

*Image by @ArielleVey edited with Light Leak 9 from the Light Leaks effect pack.


We have three really cool effects packs: Flare & Bokeh, Light Leaks and Color Fog. These effects are built from multiple layers of shapes and color blending at different modes to make them truly part of your photo. And each of these effects can be moved and rotated with your fingers, so you can customize your photos and make them look and feel natural.


Like the edits you just made? Save them as your own custom filter at any point. The history menu in the bottom left will always help you keep track of your edits, and the SAVED feature will let you repeat a whole set of steps on a new photo with just one tap.

If you haven’t seen our video yet, you can get a feel for all the functionality here!



*Image by @ArielleVey edited with Soft & Bright from the Organic Pack. 

Alright, guys! We really need your help! Please send this app to friends who haven’t heard about it yet. We really want to get the word out this week!! And if you like the app, please leave us a review on the App Store. It helps us so much! xx- Elsie

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*Android version coming SOON. It’s in the final stages of testing now. We’re really excited to launch that version as well!

**Some people are having trouble with in-app camera access. Apple has made some updates to camera functionality in iOS, so make sure you’re on the latest version of iOS, and that should solve the problem. If that or anything else is still giving you any trouble, please email support at [email protected]


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